June 2010

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Many many thanks to those who attended last night’s fantastic party and especially to those Friends members who made it happen, those local businesses that contributed generously to the cause and many many more.  As lovely as the new library is, it pales in comparison to the beauty of the community that assembled last night and will continue to gather for years to come!

Next up: The Grand Opening which, permit permitting, will happen on July 10.  More on that soon!

Our Sneak Peek is on Saturday, so get your tickets (one free ticket for each Friends household, only $10 for additional tickets. While you’re at it, consider helping out during the event so that we can keep costs low. We’ve put a volunteer form online at: http://bit.ly/9KVlTv

And while you’re there (or while you’re here–leave a comment or send an email to ferndalefriends.org@gmail.com) request your very own Library lawn sign. We’ll even deliver it and put it in your lawn. Then you hold on to it and put it out to help us advertise future library events!

All donations and memberships to the Friends of the Library are now officially tax deductible.  In fact they have been so for some time–our status was “pending” but still valid–but our official certification came today.  So let the memberships roll in.  Especially since they score you a free ticket to our Sneak Peek and more tickets for only $1o each.

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Thanks to the 25 Friends who joined us for our first general membership meeting and to the dozen others who wished us well and wished they could join us.  We passed bylaws, made plans for the future.  Congratulations to the incoming slate of Friends officers:

  • President, Kevin Yezbick
  • Vice President, Kevin Deegan-Krause
  • Secretary, Joanne Scharich
  • Treasurer, Matt Nowaczok
  • Special Events, Beth O’Connor
  • Membership, Kelly Farrah
  • Publicity, Michael Pierce
  • Programming (James Hanks, Pending acceptance)
  • Bookstore (Don DeCenzo, Pending acceptance)

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Just a note that since the Kulick Center and the librar(ies) will be closed on Sunday, June 13, we will be holding our 2010 General Membership Meeting at A.J.’s Cafe, 240 W. Nine Mile in Ferndale at 3pm.  We promise to be done by 4pm.  While the first part of our agenda involves the less-than-thrilling approval of new bylaws, etc., the second half will involve the very exciting plans for the Sneak Peek for the new building and the grand opening, so please do join us.

And if you’re interested in how things are progressing, our fantastic library staff has started to let us know via YouTube in what they promise to be a regular series: