July 2010

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For those of you who have not yet heard, we just received the following bit of news:

The Ferndale Public Library will reopen for business on Monday August 2 at 9:00
a.m.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!”

For those of you who were standing near the back of the throngs that had gathered at the start of the Community Preview, you are aware that the traffic noise from Nine Mile and the general buzz of excitement combined to put up quite a challenge for the vocal chords of the speakers at the dedication.

Ann Warner has passed along the transcript of her speech to ensure that those whom she thanked receive their acknowledgement.

The speech can be viewed online in its entirety here.

The Ferndale library opens its doors to the community today with a grand party.  Be there!

Oh, and if you have a bit of time, would you mind helping out?   We could still use a few volunteers for the event:

  • Food area preparation: 1-2 hour slots, 12pm to 4pm;
  • Cleanup: 1-2 hour slots, 12pm to 8pm
  • Kids Area, Arts and Scraps: 1 hour slots, 12pm to 5pm;
  • Bookstore: 1 hour slots, 12pm to 5pm;
  • Keeping watch on the media area: 2 hour slots, 12pm to 8pm;
  • Post party cleanup: the more the merrier.
Let us know at ferndalefriends.org@gmail.com or at volunteerspot.com: http://bit.ly/aWhkPQ

First a bit of bad news: The library won’t be quite ready to start checking out books this Saturday and won’t begin operating until all of the necessary new computer equipment has arrived and can be installed. (The full explanation is here).

But now the good news:  They library will STILL hold its big community-wide party on JULY 10th.  Everybody’s going to be there, and there will be food, music, dancing, crafts for kids and everything you’d expect from a big party to celebrate a beautiful new library.  Join us between 12pm and 8pm and help us welcome the rest of the community.