April 2012

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Thanks to all who came to our board meeting and volunteer/staff appreciation.  Here are the minutes of our last two meetings:


Friends of the Ferndale Library general meeting, April 9, 2012

Ferndale Public Library multipurpose room, Ferndale, MI


Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Kevin Deegan-Krause.

12 people present; all introduced themselves.

Committee Reports:


Collection: Back needs classifications and organization; wanted to pick a day for that. We will work on display of African-American and GLBT collections in the bookstore.  Kevin Deegan-Krause will Doodle Poll members for dates for a work party for sorting books.

Staffing: No ongoing concerns, staff doing great.

Public Relations:

Day of Books & Roses is April 22, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Everyone who comes to the event is to get a rose and a used book. The event is also to include paella, bikini sandwiches, and wine tasting, along with author readings. Postcards out, posters printed. Press release has been written and a dragon media alert has been done (about the dragon in Pleasant Ridge April 20 at twilight). Will know Wednesday if they need volunteers. Tickets already made and were passed out to those present to advance sell if they want to.


Appreciation Reception for volunteers and staff immediately after this meeting.

Eurovision Song Contest: May 26 @ 7 p.m. Interest in hosting event? Could charge $5 admission, or do it at Kevin Deegan-Krause’s house (started as a Deegan-Krause family event). Would be a Friends fundraiser.


Ferndale Reads: Darlene. Author was great. Had some leftover books; didn’t make them as available in past; donated some leftovers to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Will do event again next year. May do fewer events next year. Go Comedy a winner; would do that again along with Book Club discussions. Mentioned having Ferndale Blast to go with Blues Fest in wintertime.

Neighborhood Professor: Darlene has taken over from Kevin Deegan-Krause for next few months. Attendance has fizzled; may not do it in summer months and do it again in fall. Also do more of a PR effort for it in fall. (This Wednesday, Nancy Shockley from OCC and the 70th anniversary of the Pacific war.)

Green series for the fall: Thoughts and ideas? Contacts with Veg Michigan.

Two book clubs, Neighborhood Professor, other irregular events sponsored by Friends. May take summer off to get our bearings.

Costume Swap in Sept-Oct. for used Halloween costumes … also DIY book sale.

42 members. Still want to do Book Bucks bookstore discount coupons w/Kevin Y.  Will use Books & Roses to recruit. Pay dues once a year; have paid membership list. Motion for calendar year membership through 2012 by Cassie, seconded by Kelly. Motion passed.

Additional membership recruitment: At B&R and Dragon events and throughout the year.

Elections and leadership:

Think about re-upping in June. Presidency will be vacant (Kevin Deegan-Krause is running for the Ferndale school board). If interested, keep it in mind.

Friends of Michigan Libraries Workshop April 20 about Making Your Friends Group a Better Group in Okemos. Friends will sponsor someone to go.

Mission-Based Books: Works with Friends groups. May want to work with them in future.

The library is undergoing a strategic planning process; Friends will also be invited to participate in that process.


Kelly. Have raised almost $10,000 and have current balance of $9,000.

Ed Burns: Requested $350 in funds for adult summer reading programs and “Movieful Feast” movie program. Motion made by Kelly; motion amended by Kevin Deegan-Krause to give Ed $400. Amended motion approved. Kevin Deegan-Krause: In future, the Friends should commit 80 percent of Friends revenues to library each year for the library’s needs.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Scharich, secretary

Friends of the Ferndale Library


Friends of the Ferndale Library board meeting, February 10, 2012

Discussed bookstore concerns and receipts. Will prepare a sheet for volunteers about bookstore procedures and job descriptions. Will also consult with Kevin Deegan-Krause about graphics.

Also will reserve items that are valuable to an “Amazon-eBay” shelf/sale.

Public Relations: Committee of three which will meet over the next three weeks.

Social media, newsletter to be included in PR efforts. Books and Roses and Ferndale Reads next big events. Also Celebrate the Library staff party in April.


Prom update: Went well; people had a great time. Made over $2,000.00 for teen programming. Mtion to donate $2,000 to teen programs from prom proceeds passed.

Books & Roses: Meeting Sunday at 1 p.m. at Eli’s to confirm April date for event. Then get liquor license and make other plans for event (bonds for liquor, etc.).

Staff Party: During National Library Week, a director and staff appreciation party April 9 (also mass membership meeting that night). Serve refreshments, have a few words from the director …. Membership meeting 6:30-7:30 p.m., party 7:30 p.m. (Need quorum of members for membership meeting.) Kevin will work with Beth to plan meeting.


Neighborhood Professor: First Wednesday of month, upward trend in turnout.

Science Fiction Book Club: 6-7 members at present.

Looking for ideas; contact Joanne for information.

One idea for future programming: Environmental programming; which we probably need to do for keeping our LEED certification. Do have Green Tuesdays and had Transition Ferndale meetings.


Emailed non-renewing members: Now at about 35 members. Would like to get it to about 50-60 members.
Proposed discounts for members; early admission or VIP status at Friends events.


Friends treasurer’s report presented by Kelly:
Current balance of $11,524.72 (before $2,000 donation).

New Business:

Darlene: Asked for one more volunteer for March 29 author visit, and to come to Ferndale Reads 2012 events as much as possible.

March 31: Pat Lynn’s retirement party from 1-3 in library.

Action items:

Cassie and June: bookstore procedures and management

Jenny: Ferndale Reads promotion.

Kevin: Staff reception.

Cassie: Recruitment of membership. (also online renewals)

It’s Library Week.  Join us to celebrate!

The Friends of the Ferndale Library will be having a membership meeting on Monday, April 9th at 6:30PM at the library. We will be discussing upcoming events (like A Day of Books and Roses happening on April 22nd!), the bookstore, board nominations, and future meeting times. Come with your ideas and feedback!

Immediately following at 7:30PM, we will be celebrating the library staff and bookstore staff with a reception.  Ice cream sundaes and sweets will be served.

Hope to see you there!