August 2013

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July 8, 2013

1. 7:06 pm, meeting called to order. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Ed Burns, Beth O’Connor, Katy Balcer, Jessica Keyser, Jenny Hegearty, Kelly Farrah.

2. Library Board Liaison Report. None: not present.

3. Library Staff Report.

a) A program called “Monthly Ultimate Staff Warrior” has been going on at FPL for a few months. Award based on peer nominations and a selection process. $10 gift card awarded as prize, it was asked: may FFL funds be used? Would be a total of $120 /year. Was decided “yes.”
b) Jeff and Jordan from FPL staff have planned a benefit concert for the FPL to fundraise. Will be 8-3-13, 4 bands to play at the Loving Touch. Admission $5 at door. The Friends may have a table there to recruit.

c) Collections Wish List Notebooks: Still in progress, per staff. Goal to complete by 8/3 to have in place for benefit concert.

d) BSLIA (Best Small Library in America) Award: A multi-generational volunteer program is a goal for the application for the BSLIA Award. This started with / may start with FFL Bookstore volunteers, teens through senior citizens. President of FFL will talk with Bookstore Chair re: this goal.

e) Amazon Wish List in progress for collection growth and development. FFL Bookstore sales (via Amazon) plan is also in progress.

4. Officer & Committee Reports
● President: no report.

● Vice President: FFL presented checks (from the profits of the Books and Roses and MetroTimes Blowout events) to the FPL on June 24 at the Ferndale City Council meeting. Potential plan to ask city to make Books and Roses weekend in April an official recognized day/event. The thank-you picnic for Books and Roses benefactors has had trouble finding a workable date. Discussed alternate venues other than Geary Park Pavilion.

● Secretary: notes from the June FPL meeting accepted into record.

● Treasurer: no report due to absence, but President shared budget. Also, got 2 checks to FPL (Books and Roses and MetroTimes Blowout profits). Regarding using PayPal, maximum transfer allowed is $500 per month, so will move $ out gradually until all $ is out of PayPal into FPL’s bank acct. Goal is to have FPL checking acct. balance no more than $500, and the rest in savings to earn more interest. President to talk to Treasurer about a tax obligation.

● Membership: no report due to absence.

● Book Store: no report due to absence. Discussion regarding Book Store: store is once again open to donations. Book sale July 8 and 9 (bag sale). Ed advertised it on “Booksale Finder.”

● Special Events:
DIY Festival: use Friends canopy for Saturday book sale (9/14).
Possible event in the Library the Sunday of DIY weekend (9/15).
Digital printmaking event a possibility – a joint project with Oakland University.
COSTUME EXCHANGE at Hilton Road Festival Oct 12: Need to talk to Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps can use canopy to hang costumes.
MURDER MYSTERY PARTY: Beth O. and Jenny H. to schedule meeting to get planning. Tues July 16 at 7 pm is a possibility.

● Public Relations: no report due to PR chair transitioning to Secretary as of this meeting.

5. Action Items

● FFL Strategic Plan: live issue: Volunteer Requests & Need for Volunteer Coordinator.

● Possible sale (water) during Dream Cruise – decided against doing this.

6. Other issues

• Recognition wall: Library Board still owns this issues, somewhat on pause due to personal issues. A few concepts are live right now, artistic plans and searching for a vendor and cost bids. Levels of donation possible, and services/ levels to be recognized still need to be determined.

7. Adjourned at 8:00 PM.
Next Regular Meeting: Monday, August 12, 2013, 7:00pm

June 10, 2013

1. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Laurinda, Cassie S., Ed Burns, Beth O., Jean, Monique H., Katy B., Jessica K., Anne Y., Jenny H., Kelly F.
2. Recap of Last Meeting (5/13/13). Wish list, $500 from blowout to spend on music collection, DIY and Dream Cruise coming up, The FPL would like to sell books on amazon- need an account and a square.
3. Library Board Liaison Report. notes: FPL is looking for grant writing support. Re: presentation to City Council to present check for Books and Roses profits. Appt. must be made to appear on agenda June 24th at City Council from friends to the board rep Pat Dengate. Jenny may present. Let Eli and Noria know.
4. Library Staff Report. notes: FPL would like to apply for the Best Small Library in America. Application due in November.
5. Officer & Committee Reports
● President

● Vice President. notes: talking about an appreciation event at Geary Park.

● Secretary- minutes approved.

● Treasurer. see report.
- Amazon Account. notes: Have Ed review info.

● Membership. notes: membership renewal policy needs to be formalized. A letter needs to go out asking for renewals.

● Book Store
- Donation Handling Procedures and Volunteers. notes: we are declining donations for now.

● Special Events. notes: see info below about Fall FFL Events.

● Public Relations
6. Action Items
● Recent Event Proceeds

● Fall FFL Events. notes: We will do a book sale at DIY fest. Costume sale early October- clothing racks needed. Hilton Fall Fest 10/5/13- should we do something for this event? Jessica will check about a booth.

● Ideas for Purchase (Electronic Marquee, Other)

● FFL Strategic Plan
- Volunteer Requests & Need for Volunteer Coordinator

● Other. notes: volunteer coordinator needed. Julie Updyke? Adrianna on the board?
7. Adjourn at 8:49 PM.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, July 8th 2013, 7:00pm