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It’s the moment Ferndale readers have been waiting for. Ferndale Public Library has chosen the book for its 5th annual community-wide reading event, Ferndale Reads. The book, Annie’s Ghosts: A Journey into a Family Secret by Steve Luxenberg is also this year’s selection for The Great Michigan Read. Ferndale Reads will start in March 2014, with a kick-off event. This year, the events will be spread throughout March, April and May, concluding with a speaking engagement with the author at The Rust Belt Market, which marks the end of his state-wide tour.


For more information, contact:

Darlene Hellenberg
Project Coordinator, Ferndale Public Library


The Great Michigan Read is presented by the Michigan Humanities Council with support from Meijer and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Saturday, October 26, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Ferndale Public Library
222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: 248-546-2504
All Ages for Free

Are you ready for a trip down the yellow brick road? Ferndale Public Library is gearing up for their annual Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday, Oct. 26, and they’re inviting kids of all ages to join in the fun! This year’s celebration takes inspiration from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. “We want to celebrate children’s literature by bringing some of the classics to life. We’ve got big surprises in store for our trick-or-treaters,” said Jillean McCommons, Head of Youth Services. The event is free and costumes are encouraged. Families may drop in anytime between 7-8 pm.

The library will be collecting candy donations for this event beginning Monday, September 30. If you would like to donate, please bring your bags of individually wrapped candy to the Children’s Desk.

Ferndale Public Library promotes lifelong learning and personal development for diverse audiences of all ages by providing collections and services that educate, inform, enrich, and entertain.  The Library supports civic engagement and serves as a public commons where a diverse Ferndale community connects and shares ideas.  It is dedicated to the principles of intellectual freedom and community service. Contact the Library: 248-546-2504 Visit:

Teens: pumpkin

Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Friday, November 1, 7pm
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Sun Opener
Ferndale Public Library
222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220
All Ages

The Ferndale Public Library’s monthly rock-centric concert series, First Stop Friday,  is going strong. After three years of bringing the noise to the library, the future looks brighter, and louder than ever. This month showcases experimental ambient electronic band Sea Turtle Restoration Project and new minimalist ambient project Sun Opener who will perform at the library on Fri. Nov. 1 at 7 pm. The show is free and open to all ages. Visit the Facebook event for more details:

“The Spirit Hunter and The Skeptic”
October 29th – 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
At the Ferndale Public Library
Contact: Darlene Hellenberg
248-546-2504 ex. 3 or 248-547-6008

Do you believe in ghosts or are you a steadfast skeptic? Those fascinated with the Hereafter and those focused on the Here and Now can have a lively discussion about paranormal phenomena at the Ferndale Public Library this Halloween season. Are the spirits of the undead whispering behind you at the dinner table or is there a scientific explanation for the chill you always feel when you walk into your upstairs bathroom?
Investigative journalist Sandy Lyons and environmental analyst Robert Elmouchi present “The Spirit Hunter and The Skeptic,” a point/counter-point dual-speaker presentation featuring tales of ghosts and hauntings posed with alternate scientific explanations of the paranormal.

Lyons wrote Michigan’s Most Haunted: A Ghostly Guide to the Great Lakes State, after growing up fascinated with our state’s historic ghost stories and seeing the need for reports of more recent occurrences at popular/accessible locales such as hotels and restaurants. The Troy-based author, mother and figure-skating coach, also wrote Coloardo’s Most Haunted.

Elmouchi, working for the Department of Environmental Quality, has conducted hundreds of investigations analyzing environmental quality standards. Noticing increasing popularity of paranormal TV shows (like GhostHunters), he considered the public’s growing desire for an authentic scientific investigation of alleged paranormal activity. He founded the Paranormal Investigators Group in 2010 to shed light upon unexplained phenomena using the scientific method.

True believers, skeptics, and everyone in between is invited to The Ferndale Public Library to witness this spirited debate. The point/counter-point presentation will be hosted in the Library’s Community Room.

August 12, 2013

1. 7:05 pm, meeting called to order. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Katy Balcer, Laurinda Ross, Jane Axelrad, Monique Herzig, Beth O’Donnell, Ed Burns, Kelly Farrah.

2. Library Board Liaison Report. Mentioned at the Board meeting that the FFL is looking for a Volunteer coordinator.

3. Library Staff Report. No report

a) BLSIA (Best Small Library in America) Award – FFL input: applying in 2014.

b) Ed Burns thanks those who attended the August 3rd Library benefit concert at Loving Touch. Some wish list items were purchased. Event made over $800 profit.

4. Officer & Committee Reports

  • President: Called back to the Aug 3 Benefit Concert (see above).


  • Vice President: No report; absent.


  • Secretary: Notes from the July FPL meeting voted affirmatively to be accepted into record.


  • Treasurer: Fiscal year begins July 1. $904 in Bookstore sales (includes July 8 and 9 Book sale) since July 1 (six weeks). There is a $20 expense for annual State of MI filing.


Joining the Friends of the Michigan Libraries was brought up again; Ed will look for this paperwork/documentation.


Treasurer is working at a cumulative / complete view of FFL finances to compare year by year.

Book Store Chair asked for $20 petty cash to buy supplies such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. Agreed that this cash can be taken from the bookstore funds and receipt included.


Reports that getting money out of Paypal is still not completed. ($500/month remains the max.) Motion proposed by President to let a max of $500 to sit in checking and keep rest in savings. Motion carried.


Consideration to give annual or semiannual donation to the Library soon so that that less is sitting in the FFL coffers.



  • Membership: no report; absent.


  • Book Store:  Board travelled to get a tour of bookstore and the amount of incoming books. Volunteer needs outlined, especially needed on the weekends and Mon/Tuesday (After the garage sale drop-offs). Need for volunteer(s) is dire. High school students discussed, Beth O’Donnell to liaise/inquire at FHS.  Laurinda Ross mentioned Michigan Works job training, and need for volunteer work for people looking for work. She emailed with her contact there. June is still willing to do training, but needs people that will stick around and are stable and reliable.


Monthly book organization orientation would be an efficient way to train several volunteers at one time.


Contact the Friends to volunteer (


  • Special Events:


DIY Festival: DIY Book Sale (Sat. Sept 14) brought up by President.  Footprint of DIY fest has expanded. Citizens for a Fair Ferndale (CFF) will also be using space in front of the Library (9 mile). Booksale still planned to be on this side of the library (assumed there will be enough space). Set-up to begin at 10:30 am, sale 11-4. Board members will cover shifts for the sale. Cash drawer needed for event (small bills).

COSTUME EXCHANGE: Chamber of Commerce has a space (exact amount of space unknown, TBD) for us at the event. “Hilton Road Festival” to be Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale. Plan should be formed in Sept. to collect costumes.

MURDER MYSTERY PARTY: 2+ months out. Dates still being considered. Call for meeting next week (week of August 18).

Ed Burns mentioned a haunted house business in Hazel Park – perhaps inquire about use on a weeknight when the house is not being used, the space can be used for the murder mystery party.


  • Public Relations: Need to fill position.

5. Action Items



  • Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOML) 2013 Outstanding Michigan Friends of the Library Award: Jessica Keyser gave application to Kelly Farah. Applications due by January 15. If we join this org, we could consider applying for this award.


  • PTA/PTSA FFL Liaison: Jessica Keyser suggested crossover to the school PTA. A Presidents list requested by FFL president to make contact and propose idea. FFL President will make contact. FAB (Fine Arts Boosters) link also suggested.


  • Need to fill Public Relations position.


  • Re-scheduled picnic for FFL Board, Volunteers and Library Staff to celebrating Elie Boudt & Nuria Garrote: Running out of time for the event. Proposed to work into thank-you breakfast.


  • Volunteer breakfast discussed (happened early 2013) – proposal to do another one soon.


  • Planning for Large Wish List item purchase: a large item adds visibility of what FFL gives to the FPL.   Ed Burns mentioned 1 study room broken into 2 study rooms as a wishlist item. Signage thanking FFL could be posted.


  • FFL Strategic Plan:


6. Other issues: donor wall: designs still being considered.

7. Adjourned at 8:06 PM.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, September 9, 2013, 7:00pm


July 8, 2013

1. 7:06 pm, meeting called to order. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Ed Burns, Beth O’Connor, Katy Balcer, Jessica Keyser, Jenny Hegearty, Kelly Farrah.

2. Library Board Liaison Report. None: not present.

3. Library Staff Report.

a) A program called “Monthly Ultimate Staff Warrior” has been going on at FPL for a few months. Award based on peer nominations and a selection process. $10 gift card awarded as prize, it was asked: may FFL funds be used? Would be a total of $120 /year. Was decided “yes.”
b) Jeff and Jordan from FPL staff have planned a benefit concert for the FPL to fundraise. Will be 8-3-13, 4 bands to play at the Loving Touch. Admission $5 at door. The Friends may have a table there to recruit.

c) Collections Wish List Notebooks: Still in progress, per staff. Goal to complete by 8/3 to have in place for benefit concert.

d) BSLIA (Best Small Library in America) Award: A multi-generational volunteer program is a goal for the application for the BSLIA Award. This started with / may start with FFL Bookstore volunteers, teens through senior citizens. President of FFL will talk with Bookstore Chair re: this goal.

e) Amazon Wish List in progress for collection growth and development. FFL Bookstore sales (via Amazon) plan is also in progress.

4. Officer & Committee Reports
● President: no report.

● Vice President: FFL presented checks (from the profits of the Books and Roses and MetroTimes Blowout events) to the FPL on June 24 at the Ferndale City Council meeting. Potential plan to ask city to make Books and Roses weekend in April an official recognized day/event. The thank-you picnic for Books and Roses benefactors has had trouble finding a workable date. Discussed alternate venues other than Geary Park Pavilion.

● Secretary: notes from the June FPL meeting accepted into record.

● Treasurer: no report due to absence, but President shared budget. Also, got 2 checks to FPL (Books and Roses and MetroTimes Blowout profits). Regarding using PayPal, maximum transfer allowed is $500 per month, so will move $ out gradually until all $ is out of PayPal into FPL’s bank acct. Goal is to have FPL checking acct. balance no more than $500, and the rest in savings to earn more interest. President to talk to Treasurer about a tax obligation.

● Membership: no report due to absence.

● Book Store: no report due to absence. Discussion regarding Book Store: store is once again open to donations. Book sale July 8 and 9 (bag sale). Ed advertised it on “Booksale Finder.”

● Special Events:
DIY Festival: use Friends canopy for Saturday book sale (9/14).
Possible event in the Library the Sunday of DIY weekend (9/15).
Digital printmaking event a possibility – a joint project with Oakland University.
COSTUME EXCHANGE at Hilton Road Festival Oct 12: Need to talk to Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps can use canopy to hang costumes.
MURDER MYSTERY PARTY: Beth O. and Jenny H. to schedule meeting to get planning. Tues July 16 at 7 pm is a possibility.

● Public Relations: no report due to PR chair transitioning to Secretary as of this meeting.

5. Action Items

● FFL Strategic Plan: live issue: Volunteer Requests & Need for Volunteer Coordinator.

● Possible sale (water) during Dream Cruise – decided against doing this.

6. Other issues

• Recognition wall: Library Board still owns this issues, somewhat on pause due to personal issues. A few concepts are live right now, artistic plans and searching for a vendor and cost bids. Levels of donation possible, and services/ levels to be recognized still need to be determined.

7. Adjourned at 8:00 PM.
Next Regular Meeting: Monday, August 12, 2013, 7:00pm

June 10, 2013

1. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Laurinda, Cassie S., Ed Burns, Beth O., Jean, Monique H., Katy B., Jessica K., Anne Y., Jenny H., Kelly F.
2. Recap of Last Meeting (5/13/13). Wish list, $500 from blowout to spend on music collection, DIY and Dream Cruise coming up, The FPL would like to sell books on amazon- need an account and a square.
3. Library Board Liaison Report. notes: FPL is looking for grant writing support. Re: presentation to City Council to present check for Books and Roses profits. Appt. must be made to appear on agenda June 24th at City Council from friends to the board rep Pat Dengate. Jenny may present. Let Eli and Noria know.
4. Library Staff Report. notes: FPL would like to apply for the Best Small Library in America. Application due in November.
5. Officer & Committee Reports
● President

● Vice President. notes: talking about an appreciation event at Geary Park.

● Secretary- minutes approved.

● Treasurer. see report.
- Amazon Account. notes: Have Ed review info.

● Membership. notes: membership renewal policy needs to be formalized. A letter needs to go out asking for renewals.

● Book Store
- Donation Handling Procedures and Volunteers. notes: we are declining donations for now.

● Special Events. notes: see info below about Fall FFL Events.

● Public Relations
6. Action Items
● Recent Event Proceeds

● Fall FFL Events. notes: We will do a book sale at DIY fest. Costume sale early October- clothing racks needed. Hilton Fall Fest 10/5/13- should we do something for this event? Jessica will check about a booth.

● Ideas for Purchase (Electronic Marquee, Other)

● FFL Strategic Plan
- Volunteer Requests & Need for Volunteer Coordinator

● Other. notes: volunteer coordinator needed. Julie Updyke? Adrianna on the board?
7. Adjourn at 8:49 PM.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, July 8th 2013, 7:00pm

The 2013 Book Club Reading List for July through November has been posted to the Book Club page. Click here to view.

May 13, 2013 FFL Meeting


Members present: Ed, Monique H., Laurinda, Jessica K., Anne Y., Jenny H.


Laurinda will have a financial report to share soon.


At the 6/10 meeting we will vote on this: Kelly B. from the FPL staff wants $500 from Blowout to spend on the music collection.


Upcoming events- DIY and Dream Cruise

Ed is interested in getting an amazon account and a square.

We’d like to thank the sponsors of the 2013 Day of Books and Roses.

Red Rose Sponsors
Elie Wine Co.
The Emory

Yellow Rose Sponsors
AutoPro Service Center
Café Con Leche
Danny’s Irish Pub
Dr. Robert Flory
Ferndale Public Schools
French Gourmet
Gallery 822
Grand Truck Self Storage
Inn Season
LaBelle Electric Services
Magic Bag
McChesney Electric
Romano Law
Royal Services
Schramm’s Meadery
Wetmore’s Tire and Auto Repair

White Rose Sponsors
Peace Action of Michigan
Stephen Walker
Treat Dreams

This Sunday!!


March 11, 2013


members present: Kelly F., Jenny H., Cassie S., Jean, Laurinda R., Beth O., Ed B., Katy B., Anne Y.


1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Library Board Liaison – notes: Monique H. and Jessica K. at the city council meeting getting liquor license.  

3. Library Staff

4. Officer & Committee Reports

  • President Bookstore
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast – Follow-up. notes:  it went well w/ 12 people attending.


  • Vice President


  • Secretary- minutes approved.


  • Treasurer


  • Membership


  • Book Store


  • Special Events

-Day of Books & Roses April 21, 11-5. notes: comp membership for businesses that buy banners. Dragon has been sold.


  • Public Relations


6. Action Items

  • Join Friends of Michigan Libraries? notes: we are going to join, memberships are $30.


  • Donor Wall – Update. notes: ad hoc committee has been formed.


  • Metro Times Blow Out – Update. dates: May 2, 3, 4.


  • FFL Strategic Plan – Need to choose date to work on Plan


  • Other


7. Adjourn at 7:50.


Next Regular Meeting: Monday, April 8, 2013, 7:00pm

February 11, 2013


members present: Kelly F., Kelly Bennett, Katy B., Laurinda Ross, Ed Burns, Monique H., Beth O., Anne Y., Cassie S.


1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Library Board Liaison – Library has bands picked out for May 2, 3, 4 for the Metro Times Blowout. We will need 2 bartenders per night.

3. Library Staff

4. Officer & Committee Reports

  • President


  • Vice President- not present


  • Secretary- minutes approved


  • Treasurer- we paid $540.39 in sales tax


  • Membership- 2 new members


  • Book Store


  • Special Events. Day of Books and Roses- This group is meeting weekly. Trying to get the dragon. Get liquor license 6 weeks before the event.
  • Public Relations- Let’s reach out to other friends groups.


6. Action Items

  • Laurinda Ross approved as the new Treasurer.


  • Bookstore Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast- March 2 at 10am at One Eyed Betty’s.


  • Recognition “Plaque”- figure out the process.


  • FFL Stationary & Book Labels


  • Metro Times Blow Out – CUOne Parking/Fundraising Opportunity


  • FFL Strategic Plan

-Engaging Membership (Renewals, Volunteers)


7. Adjourned at 7:56


Next Regular Meeting: Monday, March 11, 2013, 7:00pm

January 14, 2013

members present: Monique Herzig, Jenny Haggerty, Kelly Farrah, Katy Balcer, Cassie Sweetnich, Jessica Keyser, Julie Updyke, Anne Yambor, Beth O’Connor

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Library Board Liaison – notes: Monique Herzig talked about installing a plaque for Elie and Noriah.
3. Library Staff- notes: Jessica Keyser talked about the Metro Times Blowout at the library May 2, 3, 4. This would be a fundraising opportunity for the FFL. We will get a temporary liquor license and sell beer/wine. Beth O’Connor is the chair and Jenny Haggerty is the co-chair.
4. Officer & Committee Reports

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary- minutes approved
  • Treasurer- notes: Tax obligation $614 due to state. See treasury notes.
  • Membership- notes: 63 memberships. 46 members up for renewal.
  • Book Store
  • Special Events- notes: books and roses April 21 from 11-6.
  • Public Relations- notes: the 500th “like” on Facebook gets a free membership.

6. Action Items – Review Calendar

  • Reception for New Director

We will have cake and punch.


  • Ferndale Public Schools Extravaganza- January 26

Volunteers needed at Library Table


  • Bookstore Volunteer Meeting & Appreciation

Pick a date – what’s the best day & time? How to show appreciation?

notes: daytime tea? weekend lunch?


  • FFL Strategic Plan


  • Engaging Membership (Renewals, Volunteers)

7. Adjourn- 8:30 pm.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, February 11, 2013, 7:00pm

This is the FFL Book Club reading list for the first half of 2013.


January 29

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

February 26

The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka

March 26

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

April 29

The Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresiowski

May 28

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

June 25

The Absolutist by John Boyne

July 30

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Friends of the Ferndale Library (FFL) will hold a Reception to welcome Jessica Keyser, the new Director of the Ferndale Public Library.

The Reception will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013, from 1:00pm-3:00pm, at the Ferndale Public Library, (222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale).

Light refreshments will be served. All are invited to attend.


December 10, 2012

Members present: Kelly Farrah, Anne Yambor, Katy Balcer, Cassie Sweetnich, Darlene Hellenberg, Kevin Deegan-Krause, Jessica Keyser, June Derin, Julie Updike, Jenny Haggerty

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. New Library Director – Jessica Keyser. notes: her vision for the FFL includes fundraising, financial support etc. All City extravaganza on Jan. 28. We need 2-3 people to represent the library at a table. We will have a volunteer sign-up sheet at this event. We need volunteers for the bookstore and First Stop Fridays.

3. Officer & Committee Reports

President/Past President – Kevin Deegan-Krause
Vice President- Jenny Haggerty
Treasurer- notes: We have a $600 tax obligation. We made $230 profit at the hot chocolate/book sale. Kevin Deegan-Krause proposed 80% post tax to library. Raw grant of $8,000 for the year. Lump sum of $8,000 until June 30. In July (new fiscal year) we will reconsider 80%.
Book Store- notes: moratorium on book donations. June is contacting people to write articles about the store. We need volunteers in the store.
Special Events

4. Library Staff- notes: the library wish list includes new “lucky day” collection/rack. Signage, stickers, multiple copies of popular materials. $5,000?

5. Library Liaison

6. Action Items

Reception for New Director- notes: on a Saturday in January.
FFL Strategic Plan (Based on Library/Board Strategic Plan)

January Mini-retreat? notes: 3-4 hours with Dan Martin?

Engaging Membership (Renewals, Volunteers, “Book Bucks”)

7. Adjourn at 8:08 PM

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, January 14, 2013, 7:00pm

Meeting of the Membership

November 12, 2012


Welcome and Introductions

In attendance: Kevin Yezbick, Jean Sterritt, Anne Yambor, Katy Balcer, Ed Burns, Beth O’Connor, June Derin, Jenny Haggerty, Sherry Wells, Monique Herzig, Cassie Sweetnich, Kelly Farrah


2011-2012 Reports


Treasurer- notes: see financial report.

Membership- notes: 58 families.

Book Store- notes: we need volunteers!

Special Events- notes: Books and Roses in April. Other ideas: murder mystery in October? Costume exchange? mini golf course in library? DIY event- tables set up w/ people teaching how to do things.



FFL Board Officer & Committee Chair Elections

Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, Book Store, Special Events, Public Relations, Programming


Notes: we still need a Treasurer.


Action Items

Library Bake Sale – 11/17/12

First Stop Friday Concerts – Volunteers Needed (Set-up and Tear-down)

Holiday Ice Festival Hot Chocolate Opportunity – 12/7/12 (12-8-12)

Bulletin Board

Coin Vortex

Book Sale- notes: we will have several small sales throughout the year instead of one big sale.

Meet with New Library Director/Reception for New Director- notes: reception in the new year.


Brainstorm (& Get on Calendar and Begin Planning)

FFL Strategic Plan (Based on Library/Board Strategic Plan)

Engaging Membership (Renewals, Volunteers, “Book Bucks”)

Special Events



Next Regular Meeting of the FFL Board (Open to the Public): Monday, December 10, 2012, 7:00pm.

(Future Meetings will be held 2nd Monday of the Month at 7:00pm at the Ferndale Library)

The Ferndale Public Library is beginning another round of strategic planning and they want /us/ to help.  There are two different ways to get involved (and everybody’s free to do both):

  1. Fill out a survey.  It does not take long and asks good questions that allow us to compare the performance of the library to past years.  You can fill out out in the library or here:
  2. Come to one of the planning sessions:
  • Session 1: 10:00 am to 11:30 am on Saturday, May 19.  Focus on reviewing results of the library patron survey (see, assessing the library’s strengths and weaknesses, discussing the community’s priorities for the library and brainstorming key elements of the library’s mission and vision.
  • Session 2: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, May 31, focuses on brainstorming goals for the library over the next 3-5 years, based on the results of the first community session. Those in attendance will also discuss and prioritize the results of the community brainstorm.

All meetings will occur in the library’s community room at 222 E Nine Mile Rd in Ferndale.  Please consider attending!


Ferndale Public Library to hold special strategic planning sessions

Contact: Jim O’Donnell
FPL Board President

May 11, 2012 – Ferndale:

The Ferndale Public Library is hosting two community sessions to shape the future of the library. Library board president Jim O’Donnell invited the community to attend, “We encourage everyone in the community to come and share their views, hopes and vision for the library.”  Residents, citizens, business owners, community group leaders, elected officials and friends of the library from Ferndale and neighboring communities should plan to attend.

The first session, scheduled from 10:00 am to 11:30 am on Saturday, May 19, will focus on reviewing results of the library patron survey (see for more information), assessing the library’s strengths and weaknesses, discussing the community’s priorities for the library and brainstorming key elements of the library’s mission and vision.

The second session, scheduled from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, May 31, focuses on brainstorming goals for the library over the next 3-5 years, based on the results of the first community session. Those in attendance will also discuss and prioritize the results of the community brainstorm.

Following both meetings, the library board will hold a open board retreat to finalize the goals. From there, staff will produce a working strategic plan. The library board and community will be able to follow the execution of the strategic plan through documents shared at the library and on the FPL’s website.

All meetings will occur in the library’s community room at 222 E Nine Mile Rd in Ferndale.

Thanks to all who came to our board meeting and volunteer/staff appreciation.  Here are the minutes of our last two meetings:


Friends of the Ferndale Library general meeting, April 9, 2012

Ferndale Public Library multipurpose room, Ferndale, MI


Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Kevin Deegan-Krause.

12 people present; all introduced themselves.

Committee Reports:


Collection: Back needs classifications and organization; wanted to pick a day for that. We will work on display of African-American and GLBT collections in the bookstore.  Kevin Deegan-Krause will Doodle Poll members for dates for a work party for sorting books.

Staffing: No ongoing concerns, staff doing great.

Public Relations:

Day of Books & Roses is April 22, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Everyone who comes to the event is to get a rose and a used book. The event is also to include paella, bikini sandwiches, and wine tasting, along with author readings. Postcards out, posters printed. Press release has been written and a dragon media alert has been done (about the dragon in Pleasant Ridge April 20 at twilight). Will know Wednesday if they need volunteers. Tickets already made and were passed out to those present to advance sell if they want to.


Appreciation Reception for volunteers and staff immediately after this meeting.

Eurovision Song Contest: May 26 @ 7 p.m. Interest in hosting event? Could charge $5 admission, or do it at Kevin Deegan-Krause’s house (started as a Deegan-Krause family event). Would be a Friends fundraiser.


Ferndale Reads: Darlene. Author was great. Had some leftover books; didn’t make them as available in past; donated some leftovers to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Will do event again next year. May do fewer events next year. Go Comedy a winner; would do that again along with Book Club discussions. Mentioned having Ferndale Blast to go with Blues Fest in wintertime.

Neighborhood Professor: Darlene has taken over from Kevin Deegan-Krause for next few months. Attendance has fizzled; may not do it in summer months and do it again in fall. Also do more of a PR effort for it in fall. (This Wednesday, Nancy Shockley from OCC and the 70th anniversary of the Pacific war.)

Green series for the fall: Thoughts and ideas? Contacts with Veg Michigan.

Two book clubs, Neighborhood Professor, other irregular events sponsored by Friends. May take summer off to get our bearings.

Costume Swap in Sept-Oct. for used Halloween costumes … also DIY book sale.

42 members. Still want to do Book Bucks bookstore discount coupons w/Kevin Y.  Will use Books & Roses to recruit. Pay dues once a year; have paid membership list. Motion for calendar year membership through 2012 by Cassie, seconded by Kelly. Motion passed.

Additional membership recruitment: At B&R and Dragon events and throughout the year.

Elections and leadership:

Think about re-upping in June. Presidency will be vacant (Kevin Deegan-Krause is running for the Ferndale school board). If interested, keep it in mind.

Friends of Michigan Libraries Workshop April 20 about Making Your Friends Group a Better Group in Okemos. Friends will sponsor someone to go.

Mission-Based Books: Works with Friends groups. May want to work with them in future.

The library is undergoing a strategic planning process; Friends will also be invited to participate in that process.


Kelly. Have raised almost $10,000 and have current balance of $9,000.

Ed Burns: Requested $350 in funds for adult summer reading programs and “Movieful Feast” movie program. Motion made by Kelly; motion amended by Kevin Deegan-Krause to give Ed $400. Amended motion approved. Kevin Deegan-Krause: In future, the Friends should commit 80 percent of Friends revenues to library each year for the library’s needs.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Scharich, secretary

Friends of the Ferndale Library


Friends of the Ferndale Library board meeting, February 10, 2012

Discussed bookstore concerns and receipts. Will prepare a sheet for volunteers about bookstore procedures and job descriptions. Will also consult with Kevin Deegan-Krause about graphics.

Also will reserve items that are valuable to an “Amazon-eBay” shelf/sale.

Public Relations: Committee of three which will meet over the next three weeks.

Social media, newsletter to be included in PR efforts. Books and Roses and Ferndale Reads next big events. Also Celebrate the Library staff party in April.


Prom update: Went well; people had a great time. Made over $2,000.00 for teen programming. Mtion to donate $2,000 to teen programs from prom proceeds passed.

Books & Roses: Meeting Sunday at 1 p.m. at Eli’s to confirm April date for event. Then get liquor license and make other plans for event (bonds for liquor, etc.).

Staff Party: During National Library Week, a director and staff appreciation party April 9 (also mass membership meeting that night). Serve refreshments, have a few words from the director …. Membership meeting 6:30-7:30 p.m., party 7:30 p.m. (Need quorum of members for membership meeting.) Kevin will work with Beth to plan meeting.


Neighborhood Professor: First Wednesday of month, upward trend in turnout.

Science Fiction Book Club: 6-7 members at present.

Looking for ideas; contact Joanne for information.

One idea for future programming: Environmental programming; which we probably need to do for keeping our LEED certification. Do have Green Tuesdays and had Transition Ferndale meetings.


Emailed non-renewing members: Now at about 35 members. Would like to get it to about 50-60 members.
Proposed discounts for members; early admission or VIP status at Friends events.


Friends treasurer’s report presented by Kelly:
Current balance of $11,524.72 (before $2,000 donation).

New Business:

Darlene: Asked for one more volunteer for March 29 author visit, and to come to Ferndale Reads 2012 events as much as possible.

March 31: Pat Lynn’s retirement party from 1-3 in library.

Action items:

Cassie and June: bookstore procedures and management

Jenny: Ferndale Reads promotion.

Kevin: Staff reception.

Cassie: Recruitment of membership. (also online renewals)

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