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It’s Library Week.  Join us to celebrate!

The Friends of the Ferndale Library will be having a membership meeting on Monday, April 9th at 6:30PM at the library. We will be discussing upcoming events (like A Day of Books and Roses happening on April 22nd!), the bookstore, board nominations, and future meeting times. Come with your ideas and feedback!

Immediately following at 7:30PM, we will be celebrating the library staff and bookstore staff with a reception.  Ice cream sundaes and sweets will be served.

Hope to see you there!

Love Trains?

One of our kind residents has just donated dozens of train videos to us and we’re sure that these are something somebody else would desperately love to have.  We just don’t know exactly who that is?  Do you love trains or know somebody who does?  Can you help us find somebody who’d be willing to buy these tapes at an extremely reasonable price?  Do let us know at ferndalefriends[dot]org(at)mail{dot}com.  Here’s a list of just the tapes in Box 1 (there are many boxes):

Producer Title
Bly Rail Railside in Florida
Bly Rail Maine Rails
Trains on Location Canada’s Canyon Conquest
Hot Rails The Great North American Rial Safari
Neff Video Ontario Rail Volume 1
Keith Trains #60 Tennessee Valley Railroad
Keith Trains #84 CN Algoma Central
Pentrex Mexico Volumes 1, 2, 3
Pentrex Winchester and Western a Big Little Shortline
Pentrex The Copper Canyon Chihuahua Pacifico
Pentrex Maine
Pentrex Amtrak Auto Train
Pentrex Hot Rails through the Twin Cities
Pentrex Today’s Shortline and Regular Volume 1
Pentrex Those Incredible ALCOS Volumes 1, 2, 3
Pentrex British Columbia Railway
Pentrex British Columbia Rail Cab Ride from Sea to Sky
Pentrex California Baldwin Diesels
Pentrex Union Pacific Challenger
Pentrex Conrail Hot Spots West
Pentrex B and O Odyssey Volume 2
Pentrex McCloud River Railroad the Early Baldwin Diesels
Pentrex SP’s Geeps and Cadillac’s Vintage Workhorses
Pentrex Eastern Quebec’s Ore Line Volumes 1 and 2
Pentrex Arizona Shortline
Pentrex U-Boat
Pentrex LTV Mining Railroad
Pentrex The Joint Line
Pentrex The NASA Line
Pentrex KCS Across the Meridian Subdivision
Pentrex Missouri Kansas Texas