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pig whiskey

It’s that time of year again for Pig & Whiskey Festival and we need your help! Once again the Friends of the Ferndale Library will be pouring beer at the event, with all of the proceeds going to benefit the Ferndale Area District Library!
Sign up for a shift today here!

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It’s Library Week.  Join us to celebrate!

The Friends of the Ferndale Library will be having a membership meeting on Monday, April 9th at 6:30PM at the library. We will be discussing upcoming events (like A Day of Books and Roses happening on April 22nd!), the bookstore, board nominations, and future meeting times. Come with your ideas and feedback!

Immediately following at 7:30PM, we will be celebrating the library staff and bookstore staff with a reception.  Ice cream sundaes and sweets will be served.

Hope to see you there!




Ferndale Children’s Librarian Jillean McCommons writes

We need volunteers for our Halloween Spooktacular, Friday, October 28 from 6:30-8pm. We can use five to ten people. We’ll need folks to help direct people in and out, help with crafts and pass out goodies. We also need help with set-up so if they could come at 5:30 that would be great!
Please have anyone interested email me at jilleanmc[at]gmail[dot]com

Please help out.  Kids events at the library are always a lot of fun!

The Ferndale Public Library is looking for Friends Volunteers Children’s Summer Reading. The library needs one volunteer for  July 23,  July 30 and August 6 and three for the carnival on August 13th. If you are interested please call and talk to Jillean McComons at (248) 546-2504 or email her at jilleanmc[at]gmail{dot}com

In the last year we’ve opened a new library, survived a flood, reopened an even newer library, built a Friend’s store from scratch (twice), helped with a dozen library events, and supported library efforts at all levels.

One year after last year’s successful “reboot,” join us to celebrate the Friends’ successes, see friends, plan for the future, and vote in new officers at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 18 in the Library’s Community Room, 222 E. Nine Mile.

A nominating committee is preparing a list of candidates for the board positions.  We will be looking to our members for a new president and treasurer.  If you are interested in these positions or any other opportunities to get involved with the Friends’ board, please contact nominations committee chair Bridget Deegan-Krause at bridgetmail {at] gmail [dot} com.

Friends, we are looking for volunteers to help staff a book sale booth on the library property during the DIY street fair, Sept. 17-19. A few hours of your time would go a long way in making this a success. Please let us know if you are interested here, or you may email us at ferndalefriends.org[at]gmail.com or in person at the Friends’ Store in the Library. We will respond to your interest with more information and details as they become available. Likely duties will include set-up and breakdown of the booth, meet and greet customers along with promotion of the Library and Friends Membership information, and book sale transactions.

Thanks for your support!

Kevin Yezbick

President, Friends of the Ferndale Library

Friends! Have you already joined the Friends of the Ferndale Library but are looking to contribute more? This weekend is your chance! The Library would like to have a booth at the Green Cruise this weekend and needs volunteers to staff it in shifts or outright from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. We’re looking for people who would like to talk about the Library and promote membership in the Friends. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, contact us at ferndalefriends.org[at]gmail.com or simply leave a comment here.

Green Cruise Logo

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…As in both “Event” and “To Do List.”  Please join us tomorrow, Sunday, April 25th at the library at 3pm to bring the Friends of the Library back to life.  The key to the strength of the revived Friends group will be a broad base of residents working together.  One of the secrets to success is a clear set of responsibilities and, where possible, specific job descriptions.  When you come tomorrow, the co-chairs of the committees below will talk briefly about what their committees will do and how you can get involved.  We hope to get people involved in a wide variety of capacities depending on their skills and interests.  Below you can see a brief list of what we need Friends to help us with.

If you cannot attend the Revival meeting we still seek your help.  If you are interested in volunteering, simply check out our online volunteer form and check the boxes for jobs you are interested in or send an email to ferndalefriends.org@gmail.com.

Special Events

This committee proposes, plans and coordinates logistics for Friends parties, events and other large gatherings.  Works closely with membership and publicity.

  • Co-Chairs: Melissa Wilson and Beth O’Connor
  • Job descriptions:
    • Sneak Peek Invitation Coordinator: Create invitation list for Sneak Peek, coordinate mailers, receipt of invitations, will-call list. 20 hours per month until June.
    • Food and Drink Coordinator: Work with vendors of food and beverage, obtain donations and in-kind contributions. 20 hours per month until June.
    • Entertainment Coordinator: Find performers and coordinate timing, facility needs, and payment for Sneak Peek and Grand Opening.  10-15 hours per month until July.
    • Decoration and Environment: Coordinate decorations, signage (in-library and including large over-street sign). 10-15 hours per month until July
    • Fundraiser Coordinator: Devise and coordinate small-scale fundraisers for Sneak Peek and Grand Opening including 50-50 raffle, picture booths, silent auction.  10-20 hours per month until June.
    • Tours Coordinator: Coordinate tours during Sneak Peek, Senior Week, Grand Opening and during other days in initial month, find volunteer tour leaders and develop tour script and materials.  10-2o hour per month until August.
    • Tour Guides (several needed): Lead tours of new facility as defined above. 5-10 hours per month in July.
    • Video Production: Coordinate production of brief video on value of libraries for presentation at Sneak Peek
    • Publicity Committee Liaison: Work with publicity committee to produce and distribute all necessary publicity materials. 20 hours per month until July.
    • Membership Committee Liaison: Work with membership committee to find volunteers for tasks above.  10-20 hours per month until July.


This committee proposes, plans and coordinates book, music, arts and cultural programs for library patrons.  Works closely with publicity and the library director.

  • Co-Chairs: Kevin Deegan-Krause, James Hanks, Kevin Yezbick
  • Job descriptions:
    • Program Leader (several needed): Takes the lead in devising and/or implementing plan for specific program or program series (speakers, movies, performances, exibitions).  10-20 hours per month during program period.
    • Program Assistants (many needed): Works with program leader to invite participants, coordinate schedules, work with publicity committee to attract audience. 5-10 hours per month during program.
    • Membership Liaison: Work with membership committee to recruit audience members and volunteers (see below). 5-10 hours per month


This committee collects book donations; sorts, organizes and sells books in the library’s bookstore and the annual book sale.  Works closely with membership and the library staff.

  • Co-chairs: Don DeCenzo and Jeannie Davis
  • Job descriptions:
    • Sale Coordinator: Set dates and conditions for annual sale and smaller sales, and for meetings and work periods leading up to the sales.  5 hours per month, 40 per month before annual sale.
    • Store Coordinator: Coordinate hours and workers for the store, oversee plan for shelving and display of materials.  5-10 hours per month.
    • Donation Delivery: Available to pick up donations from bookstores, yard sales and other sources and bring them to the library.  Sporadic, up to 5 hours per month.
    • Donation Sorters (many needed).  Organize received books in library storage space according to category.  Variable 1-10 hours per month.
    • Cashier. Handle receipt of cash at book sales, and store during store hours.  Devise system for payment of Friends items with library circulation staff.  5 hours per month.
    • Store clerk/Book sale clerk.  Staff book store and book sale.  Variable 2-10 hours per month.


This committee develops membership, coordinates recruitment efforts and data, tracks members and dues, and maintains communications among members;

  • Co-chairs: Veronica Bielat and Kelly Farrah
  • Job descriptions
    • Program Committee Liaison:  Maintain connection with program committee, and make sure Friends membership information is promoted as appropriate at all Friends of the Library events (see above). 5-10 hours per month
    • Publicity Committee Liaison: Develop and maintain inventory of Friends marketing information including brochures, flyers, and other materials as appropriate to market and promote friends membership. Maintain Friends display in the library and the Friends bookstore area (see below). 5-10 hours per month.
    • Membership Welcome Team Member: Develop, maintain and distribute “welcome packets” for new Friends members, including follow up with those new members who indicate they want to be active in the organization. 10 hours per month in initial month, 5 hours per month thereafter.
    • New Member Outreach Team Member: Actively seek out new members in particular settings (organizations, assemblies).  Encourage existing Friends to recruit friends and neighbors.  5 hours per week.
    • Meeting Coordinator: Schedule meetings, facilitate needed materials and refreshments.
    • Membership Committee Coordinator: Maintain communication among all members of membership committee, take minutes at meetings, liaison with Friends leadership. 10-20 hours per month.


This committee provides basic public relations, marketing, web and social networking services.  Works closely with all committees and coordinates with library marketing director.

  • Initial organizers: Bridget Deegan-Krause and Michael Pierce
  • Job descriptions:
    • Graphic designers: Produce graphics, event invitations, posters, flier templates.  5-10 hours per month.
    • Webmaster: Maintain web-based list of events and activities and engage on Friends website and social media sites and engage directly with participants. 10 hour per month.
    • Press liaison: Contact local news sources and others regarding Friends events, issue press releases.  5-10 hours per month.
    • Downtown liaison: Work with local businesses, government and nonprofits to post flyers and find other means for increasing visibility of Friends events.  Maintain Friends entries on community calendars. 5-10 hours per month.
    • Schools liaison: Work with school district and private schools to increase visibility of friends activities. 5 hours per month.
    • Membership Committee Liaison: Communicates with Friends members in coordination with Membership Committee (see above)

Special Projects

Not a committee but a set of tasks coordinated by the Friends in close cooperation with the Library Director.  Potential tasks include:

  • Processing library material for the move (May and June)
  • Providing volunteer support for the reference desk, circulation desk and material stacks.
  • Working with the library board on Fund Raising (eventually to become a Friends Fund Raising committee)
  • Developing plans for tutoring, book delivery to the homebound and related service (eventually to become a Service Committee)
  • Helping the library to assess and price used furniture and other items that will not be used in the new library and to prepare these for sale or auction.
Develop, maintain and distribute “welcome packets” for new Friends members, including follow up with those new members who indicate they want to be active in the organization.

Once initial tasks have been accomplished, we envision adding a Fundraising Committee to raise funds for the library and Friends activities and an Outreach Committee to engage in library-related social service activities.

Ferndale FriendsThanks to those who turned out at our first 2010 volunteer meeting and volunteered their time to participate in the Big Read.  A schedule is available here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tRHClWUwoanw2cMO7LEU5uQ&output=html

We still need a few people to represent the Friends and hand out flyers at a few events in February/March so if you’re avaialable, let us know at ferndalefriends.org@gmail.com .  The work is easy, quick, and fun, and may be at events you’d attend anyway!

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  • Join us tomorrow–Saturday, February 20th–at the Library–642 E. Nine Mile–for a brief (we promise) meeting to organize participation in Big Read events.  Since these are events you may be going to anyway, go as a Friends’ member, help us announce our presence to Ferndale and recruit new members.  We are looking for volunteers to help moderate book discussions, welcome visitors at Big Read lectures and presentations and help us organize the parties that are coming up.

And as a special bonus, if you come tomorrow, you’ll be the first on your block to know the until-now closely guarded secret date for the library’s Grand Opening!!!

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We need youThanks to those of you who have already volunteered to help and who have joined us as Fans on Facebook.  We’re planning a BIG “Friends Revival” meeting later in spring to prepare for the grand opening, but before then we will also host a meeting for those interested in volunteering for Big Read events (see: http://ferndalefriends.org/?p=24).

Please join us for that meeting, help out at Big Read events and enjoy yourself in the process:

When: Saturday, 20 February, 2pm-3pm
Where: Ferndale Public Library 642 E. Nine Mile.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or call Darlene Hellenberg at the library, 248-546-2504.

p.s. We are still in the process of scheduling the “Revival” but it’s likely to be on the afternoon of Sunday, April 25 at the library.  Mark your calendar for that too!

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The “new” Friends of the Ferndale Library had an impromptu debut today at the magnificent Ferndale Schools Extravaganza.  Thanks to the organizers of the event and especially to the dozens of people who stopped by the Library/Friends table to ask questions, pick up free copies of the Maltese Falcon and watch the computer animation of what the library will look like when it opens this summer.

In putting together the materials for the debut we not only created a Facebook fans page and linked it to this page, but we also prepared some initial thoughts about what a renewed Friends group should look like in a community like Ferndale and what it should do.  We’ve started think about near term tasks and long term plans.

The big picture is a combination of service, fun and community:

  • We’ve got some work to do to supplement the library’s efforts, organizing programming, assisting as volunteers and raising money for special services and final touches on the new building.
  • We’ve got plans–and invite lots more–for parties, programs, and events that will make the library the premier destination in Ferndale.  The Friends can help the library in its efforts to inform and entertain the community.
  • We want to bring people together, to talk to one another and build relationships that will strengthen Ferndale.

There are a number of specific things that the new Friends can do in the next few months, even before the new library opens:

  • Promote and staff events related to The Big Read in February and March.  See: http://ferndalefriends.org/?p=24
  • Help the library develop a wonderful even to celebrate the Catalonian “Sant Jordi Day” of Books and Roses (more to come)
  • March in the Ferndale’s Memorial Day Parade
  • Organize the best Grand Opening party the city has seen in a long time.

This is just a start—the easy and obvious stuff—and there are so many other things that we could do.  Here is where we need your help:  fill out our online membership form (no obligation) or leave a comment on this page or on our Facebook wall and answer some questions:

  • What do you want from your new library?
  • What should the Friends be doing?

We’ll keep asking your help and relying on your opinions.  Please let us know what you’re thinking.

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The Big Read is going to be a big deal in Ferndale and we’re looking for a few people to help with a few tasks. Photographers, greeters, movers of furniture, all are welcome. The full list of events is here:

The list of things that we need help with is below. If you are interested in helping with any of these please email: ferndalefriends@yahoo.com or ferndalefriends.org@gmail.com

    Kick-Off Party @ the Library – Feb. 27, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

    • Count Attendees
    • Take Pictures (ask for permission from people to have their photos printed on web, etc)
    • Set Up / Clean Up

    WSU Panel Discussion @ Affirmations – March 3, 7:30 – 9:00 PM

    • Count Attendees
    • Take Pictures (ask for permission from people to have their photos printed on web, etc)
    • Help Greet People? Just be around in case people have Big Read questions

    Go Comedy – March 4, 11, 18, and 25 8:00 – 10:00 PM

    • Count Attendees
    • If I’m not there, say a few words at the beginning or end about upcoming events, thanks for coming, and tell them about donation box
    • Take Pictures (ask for permission from people to have their photos printed on web, etc)
    • Greet People? Just be around in case people have Big Read questions

    Film Noir Movie Series – March 12, 19, and 26 7:00 – 9:00 PM

    • Count Attendees
    • Set Up / Clean Up
    • Make announcements about up coming events (if I am not there)
    • Greet

    Key-Note Speaker – Loren D. Estleman March 25th 7:30 – 9:00 PM

    • Count Attendees
    • Refreshment table set up / clean up
    • Help greet people
    • Take Pictures (ask for permission from people to have their photos printed on web, etc)

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    The Maltese Falcon

    The Friends of the Ferndale Library is the oldest friends group in the state of Michigan but not always the most active. That’s about to change. Our new library is opening in about half a year and when it does we hope once again to have one of the strongest and most dynamic Friends groups in the state.

    But first things first. We could use your help on one specific task. As part of the Big Read grant it received for this year the library needs our assistance in affixing labels to several hundred copies of The Maltese Falcon that we received for distribution to Ferndale residents.  There is not much time, but the work should not be onerous.  Those who are interested, can stop by or call the library or email Darlene Hellenberg at d.c.hellenberg@gmail.com.