Friends Board Meeting Minutes (August 12, 2013)

August 12, 2013

1. 7:05 pm, meeting called to order. Welcome and Introductions. Members present: Katy Balcer, Laurinda Ross, Jane Axelrad, Monique Herzig, Beth O’Donnell, Ed Burns, Kelly Farrah.

2. Library Board Liaison Report. Mentioned at the Board meeting that the FFL is looking for a Volunteer coordinator.

3. Library Staff Report. No report

a) BLSIA (Best Small Library in America) Award – FFL input: applying in 2014.

b) Ed Burns thanks those who attended the August 3rd Library benefit concert at Loving Touch. Some wish list items were purchased. Event made over $800 profit.

4. Officer & Committee Reports

  • President: Called back to the Aug 3 Benefit Concert (see above).


  • Vice President: No report; absent.


  • Secretary: Notes from the July FPL meeting voted affirmatively to be accepted into record.


  • Treasurer: Fiscal year begins July 1. $904 in Bookstore sales (includes July 8 and 9 Book sale) since July 1 (six weeks). There is a $20 expense for annual State of MI filing.


Joining the Friends of the Michigan Libraries was brought up again; Ed will look for this paperwork/documentation.


Treasurer is working at a cumulative / complete view of FFL finances to compare year by year.

Book Store Chair asked for $20 petty cash to buy supplies such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. Agreed that this cash can be taken from the bookstore funds and receipt included.


Reports that getting money out of Paypal is still not completed. ($500/month remains the max.) Motion proposed by President to let a max of $500 to sit in checking and keep rest in savings. Motion carried.


Consideration to give annual or semiannual donation to the Library soon so that that less is sitting in the FFL coffers.



  • Membership: no report; absent.


  • Book Store:  Board travelled to get a tour of bookstore and the amount of incoming books. Volunteer needs outlined, especially needed on the weekends and Mon/Tuesday (After the garage sale drop-offs). Need for volunteer(s) is dire. High school students discussed, Beth O’Donnell to liaise/inquire at FHS.  Laurinda Ross mentioned Michigan Works job training, and need for volunteer work for people looking for work. She emailed with her contact there. June is still willing to do training, but needs people that will stick around and are stable and reliable.


Monthly book organization orientation would be an efficient way to train several volunteers at one time.


Contact the Friends to volunteer (


  • Special Events:


DIY Festival: DIY Book Sale (Sat. Sept 14) brought up by President.  Footprint of DIY fest has expanded. Citizens for a Fair Ferndale (CFF) will also be using space in front of the Library (9 mile). Booksale still planned to be on this side of the library (assumed there will be enough space). Set-up to begin at 10:30 am, sale 11-4. Board members will cover shifts for the sale. Cash drawer needed for event (small bills).

COSTUME EXCHANGE: Chamber of Commerce has a space (exact amount of space unknown, TBD) for us at the event. “Hilton Road Festival” to be Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale. Plan should be formed in Sept. to collect costumes.

MURDER MYSTERY PARTY: 2+ months out. Dates still being considered. Call for meeting next week (week of August 18).

Ed Burns mentioned a haunted house business in Hazel Park – perhaps inquire about use on a weeknight when the house is not being used, the space can be used for the murder mystery party.


  • Public Relations: Need to fill position.

5. Action Items



  • Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOML) 2013 Outstanding Michigan Friends of the Library Award: Jessica Keyser gave application to Kelly Farah. Applications due by January 15. If we join this org, we could consider applying for this award.


  • PTA/PTSA FFL Liaison: Jessica Keyser suggested crossover to the school PTA. A Presidents list requested by FFL president to make contact and propose idea. FFL President will make contact. FAB (Fine Arts Boosters) link also suggested.


  • Need to fill Public Relations position.


  • Re-scheduled picnic for FFL Board, Volunteers and Library Staff to celebrating Elie Boudt & Nuria Garrote: Running out of time for the event. Proposed to work into thank-you breakfast.


  • Volunteer breakfast discussed (happened early 2013) – proposal to do another one soon.


  • Planning for Large Wish List item purchase: a large item adds visibility of what FFL gives to the FPL.   Ed Burns mentioned 1 study room broken into 2 study rooms as a wishlist item. Signage thanking FFL could be posted.


  • FFL Strategic Plan:


6. Other issues: donor wall: designs still being considered.

7. Adjourned at 8:06 PM.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, September 9, 2013, 7:00pm