Yes, we’re back! And already we need your help!

The Maltese Falcon

The Friends of the Ferndale Library is the oldest friends group in the state of Michigan but not always the most active. That’s about to change. Our new library is opening in about half a year and when it does we hope once again to have one of the strongest and most dynamic Friends groups in the state.

But first things first. We could use your help on one specific task. As part of the Big Read grant it received for this year the library needs our assistance in affixing labels to several hundred copies of The Maltese Falcon that we received for distribution to Ferndale residents.  There is not much time, but the work should not be onerous.  Those who are interested, can stop by or call the library or email Darlene Hellenberg at


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  1. Kevin Deegan-Krause’s avatar

    We’re extremely excited to be jumpstarting the Friends and look forward to working with all of you!

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