Next Ferndale Science Fiction Book Club: Ender’s Game

The Ferndale Science Fiction Book Club will take a meet again on June 8 at the Ferndale library (222 E. Nine Mile) at 7pm.

Recognizing how busy we all are, we’ve picked a book that has both a novel-length version and a short-story version: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, a classic about children and war, strategy and exceptional talent

Read the novel, or read the short story.  Or, for the fun of getting into the author’s mind, read both and see what he added to the short-story for the transition to novel form (and what he took away).

The short story is available online (apparently with the author’s permission) here:

Copies of the novel-length work  are available throughout the TLN library system:

If you cannot obtain a copy please contact Kevin Deegan-Krause at