Science Fiction Book Club: December 14, Ray Bradbury

Ray BradburyThe Ferndale Science Fiction Book Club will take a meet again on November 9 at the Ferndale library (222 E. Nine Mile) at 7pm.

Once again, we’ve picked both a short story and a book by the same author (and once again there’s a rather good movie adaptation).

Read the novel, or read the short story. Or, for the fun of getting into the author’s mind, read both and see how they might connect.  And then watch the movie and see how the director adapted it into dramatic form.

The author this month is Ray Bradbury, one of the most famous American science-fiction authors of the 20th century and (like last month’s author, Ursula LeGuin, one of the few with wide regard beyond the genre of science fiction.)

The book we will be reading is, in a nod to the upcoming holiday season, Something Wicked This Way Comes.  We have the book in the Ferndale Public Library and you can find the catalog link here:

It also appears that some dedicated readers have loosed themselves from the constraints of copyright law and made a copy available online:
The short story for the month is any snippet from the short story collection Dandelion Wine which shares some settings and characters with Something Wicked.

A link to the library’s copy is here:

And once again some enterprising Russians have found ways to make it available in other forms:

Finally, there is the film.  Our library does not have it but (don’t tell Disney) somebody’s put the entire film up on youtube:

If you cannot obtain a copy please contact Kevin Deegan-Krause at and he’ll deliver a copy to your door :-) .