Science Fiction Book Club Is Back. Join us in The Diamond Age

The last time the book club met was November of 2010.  By some quirk of fate–or power of prediction–we managed to read Margaret Atwood’s “The Year of the Flood” just days before a fault in the plumbing system poured 15,000 gallons of water into the library.

Since  what we read seems to come true, library has asked us please not to read “Fahrenheit 451″ and so instead we’ve chosen a book, which–if it comes true–may offset the decline in property tax revenue: Neal Stephenson’s “The Diamond Age.”
The Diamond Age is an extraordinarily inventive novel, notable for its attempt not only to think about the possibilities of nanotechnology, but of that technology’s effect on how we arrange our personal, social and political lives.  Plus, it’s fun.
Copies of the book is are available throughout the TLN library system ( but if you cannot obtain a copy please contact Kevin Deegan-Krause at kdecay{at]gmail[dot}com.