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The “new” Friends of the Ferndale Library had an impromptu debut today at the magnificent Ferndale Schools Extravaganza.  Thanks to the organizers of the event and especially to the dozens of people who stopped by the Library/Friends table to ask questions, pick up free copies of the Maltese Falcon and watch the computer animation of what the library will look like when it opens this summer.

In putting together the materials for the debut we not only created a Facebook fans page and linked it to this page, but we also prepared some initial thoughts about what a renewed Friends group should look like in a community like Ferndale and what it should do.  We’ve started think about near term tasks and long term plans.

The big picture is a combination of service, fun and community:

  • We’ve got some work to do to supplement the library’s efforts, organizing programming, assisting as volunteers and raising money for special services and final touches on the new building.
  • We’ve got plans–and invite lots more–for parties, programs, and events that will make the library the premier destination in Ferndale.  The Friends can help the library in its efforts to inform and entertain the community.
  • We want to bring people together, to talk to one another and build relationships that will strengthen Ferndale.

There are a number of specific things that the new Friends can do in the next few months, even before the new library opens:

  • Promote and staff events related to The Big Read in February and March.  See:
  • Help the library develop a wonderful even to celebrate the Catalonian “Sant Jordi Day” of Books and Roses (more to come)
  • March in the Ferndale’s Memorial Day Parade
  • Organize the best Grand Opening party the city has seen in a long time.

This is just a start—the easy and obvious stuff—and there are so many other things that we could do.  Here is where we need your help:  fill out our online membership form (no obligation) or leave a comment on this page or on our Facebook wall and answer some questions:

  • What do you want from your new library?
  • What should the Friends be doing?

We’ll keep asking your help and relying on your opinions.  Please let us know what you’re thinking.

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