The Spirit Hunter and The Skeptic

“The Spirit Hunter and The Skeptic”
October 29th – 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
At the Ferndale Public Library
Contact: Darlene Hellenberg
248-546-2504 ex. 3 or 248-547-6008

Do you believe in ghosts or are you a steadfast skeptic? Those fascinated with the Hereafter and those focused on the Here and Now can have a lively discussion about paranormal phenomena at the Ferndale Public Library this Halloween season. Are the spirits of the undead whispering behind you at the dinner table or is there a scientific explanation for the chill you always feel when you walk into your upstairs bathroom?
Investigative journalist Sandy Lyons and environmental analyst Robert Elmouchi present “The Spirit Hunter and The Skeptic,” a point/counter-point dual-speaker presentation featuring tales of ghosts and hauntings posed with alternate scientific explanations of the paranormal.

Lyons wrote Michigan’s Most Haunted: A Ghostly Guide to the Great Lakes State, after growing up fascinated with our state’s historic ghost stories and seeing the need for reports of more recent occurrences at popular/accessible locales such as hotels and restaurants. The Troy-based author, mother and figure-skating coach, also wrote Coloardo’s Most Haunted.

Elmouchi, working for the Department of Environmental Quality, has conducted hundreds of investigations analyzing environmental quality standards. Noticing increasing popularity of paranormal TV shows (like GhostHunters), he considered the public’s growing desire for an authentic scientific investigation of alleged paranormal activity. He founded the Paranormal Investigators Group in 2010 to shed light upon unexplained phenomena using the scientific method.

True believers, skeptics, and everyone in between is invited to The Ferndale Public Library to witness this spirited debate. The point/counter-point presentation will be hosted in the Library’s Community Room.