Updated Statement from Library Board

January 12, 2011


For more information contact:
248-761-0658 Doug Raber, Library Director
248-797-0761 Ann Warner, President, Ferndale Library Board

Update from the Ferndale Library Board of Trustees
Re: Ferndale Library Flood Recovery Update

On Thanksgiving Day, the library’s rainwater treatment system, on the mezzanine level of the library, malfunctioned. A hose connection failed, and the system continued to pump several thousand gallons of water from the underground rainwater cistern before the system shut down, flooding a significant area of the Library. Fortunately, no books, media, and public access computers were damaged. The exact cause for the failure of the hose connection is still under investigation. The unit will be repaired at no charge by the manufacturer, who will also install a sensor and alarm that will prevent a similar catastrophe from occurring in the future.

Belfor, the disaster recovery company, has completed its work and removed its equipment. The damaged carpet, drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, and millwork were removed, and the concrete floors have been dried. All the environmental tests are normal, indicating no adverse indoor air quality issues. The insurance adjuster approved the restoration estimate and to date the insurance claim has proceeded smoothly.

Frank Rewold and Son, the library’s construction management firm, started the repair work a few days ago by replacing insulation and drywall damaged by the water. Work will continue this week on the walls and ceilings as we await shipment of the replacement carpeting. Until more information can be provided by some of our suppliers, a reasonably accurate date for reopening cannot be determined at this time. We are hopeful it will be no later than sometime in February.